As the internet continues to grow, the trends that you see being used across websites will evolve as well. If you’re someone that has a business or is looking to launch your very own website, you’re not going to want to miss out on these website design trends.

And we’re here to provide you with some of the trends that are on the rise. Once you’ve finished scrolling through our post, who knows, you may be thinking about changing the way that you’ve designed your website and take one of these trends for a spin.

Let’s get right into the website design trends 2021 that will take your site by storm.

1. Dark Mode

When you hear the words dark mode or theme, you instantly think of the mode that your phone goes into when it becomes a certain time of night. Keep that same theory in mind but apply it to a website design. One of the largest benefits of using dark mode when it comes to your website is that it reduces eye strain for those visiting your website.

Dark mode can also add an element of elegance to any workstation setup, which in turn will help to improve the battery life of your computer

2. Minimalism

Sometimes less is definitely more, and that’s when you might consider using a website design technique known as minimalism. When you’re using minimalism, you’re leaving more white space, which in turn allows customers to take in all the information you’ve listed on your site.

There are tons of sites out there like WordPress that offer you design templates that feature minimalism options you can use to plug in the information you’d like to publish on your site. It takes most of the hard work out of website design and gets you a step closer to launching your site.

3. Hand Drawn Elements

If you’re looking to convey your brand’s personality, you’re going to want to consider using hand-drawn elements in your website design. These hand-drawn elements take your site from ordinary to extraordinary and really help you to tell the real story of your brand


4. Improved User Experiences

When you create a website, it’s all about the customer enjoying their experience while browsing your website. Think of using augmented reality mobile apps as a way to get customers directly involved in what they’re doing.

There’s something intriguing about entering into an alternate reality where you can almost touch the items you’re looking at.

Another idea you can use is to personalize the items that you send out. When a customer sees their name, it makes them feel as if that email or newsletter was specifically made for them.

5. Typography

We’ve all seen the sites with the uncommon text featured in various patterns and colors. Gone are the days of sticking to simple text, and they’ve been replaced by various sizes and forms of text. The beauty of typography is you can adjust the text in any way you want without worrying about whether customers will be able to read it or not.

Website Design Trends 2021

Website design trends 2021 are coming, and they are coming quicker than you could’ve imagined. Knowing what they are will help you make the most out of them and truly provide your customers with a one of a kind experience. If you’re not entirely sure how to revamp your website, you’re going to need the Digital Marketing Consultants. Our group of digital consultant experts has the experience and knowledge you need to help you take your website to the next level.

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