How Google My Business helps your business visibility and awareness

How Google My Business helps your business visibility and awareness

Google is a marvellous tool for business marketing, but the ways you can use it are ever-changing and often mysterious. If you’re yet to use Google My Business, we’re here to explain why now’s the time to start. 

In addition to giving you a better understanding of your KPIs, it’s an effective way to improve your ROI

Why use Google My Business for retail and e-commerce?

Shoppers love to go local and Google My Business helps you reach your target locale. By providing a business address, you make it easier for Google to direct your local customers immediately to your business. Even if you operate on a purely e-commerce basis, you’ll still be feeding the desires of those who prefer local sellers over large corporations.

Google My Business also makes your customers’ shopping experience convenient. They don’t need to click around your website for contact details or opening hours. Everything is presented to them in a neat box in the search results. This allows them to decide whether you’re right for them without time-consuming research.

How can GMB give you a greater insight into your KPIs?

In the absence of surveys, it’s difficult to know what your customers are really thinking. If you’re going to flourish, you need to know what they love. More importantly, you need constructive feedback that you can build on to enhance their experience.

Google My Business opens you up to the wonderful world of reviews. If you’re doing an excellent job, you’ll receive stellar feedback that sends more customers your way. When you know what you’re doing right, you can do more of it to grow your customer base. From an SEO perspective, this increases the likelihood of others trying and recommending you.

A Google My Business profile also lends credibility to your company. Need proof? Customers are 70% more likely to visit businesses with a Google My Business listing. Another study found that businesses with complete listings on Google are twice as likely to earn the trust of customers.

What are Google My Business’s greatest SEO tools?

Google My Business is about much more than creating a Yellow Pages-style ad. The question-and-answer section is a stunningly effective SEO tool. For example, if you’re aware your customers often have burning questions about a particular product, you can answer them in your listing. As a result, those who are searching for those specifics will stumble across your business and use it.

Hyperlocal – Google My Business’s newest weapon?

Google My Business primarily focuses on local SEO, but in recent years, a more niche development has improved the reach and relevance of smaller businesses looking to expand in a short span of time. 

Local SEO focuses on cities or regions, whereas hyper-local SEO is the next level of local SEO that’s focused on smaller areas and localities, such as neighbourhoods, streets, towns, spots, and landmarks. 

Nowadays, most millennials use their mobile phones to search for products and services using the ‘near me’ filter. Hyper-local SEO makes it so much easier to search for nearby shops and/or local stores around the user — a big plus in terms of convenience and relevance.

Like many aspects of the world’s favourite search engine, Google My Business is constantly evolving. If you want to harness this powerful technology to help your e-commerce site soar, it’s worth consulting an expert to learn more about how it can work for you.


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