Business Process Automation

Business process automation (BPA) describes the use of technology to streamline business operations and improve overall efficiency. Also known as digital transformation, BPA typically involves the widespread use and integration of software applications in order to reduce recurring tasks and minimise associated costs. Our BPA solutions are designed to streamline simple business processes.

Process automation is central to all aspects of modern business, from marketing and sales to hiring and customer service. While tools vary widely in their scope and sophistication, they all attempt to improve efficiency by avoiding redundancy. Advanced BPA tools use things like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in an attempt to understand natural human language and present solutions without human input. Digital Marketing Consultancy offers custom BPA solutions that save you time and money.

How does BPA help my business

Smart BPA solutions help businesses in many ways, from process and workflow automation to customer service applications, employee onboarding, and purchase orders. Whenever your business feels bogged down by repetitive tasks, whenever you could benefit from a more productive workforce, BPA can help. For example, software automation tools can be used to direct customer enquiries without human involvement. BPA can also be used to back up important datasets, manage payroll and attendance records, and make purchase order requests, among other applications.

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BPA Technologies

1. Robotic Automation

Software robots are used to perform high-volume, repeatable tasks.

2. Database Automation

Data is analysed, replicated, stored, and monitored for backup and performance. 

2. Server Automation

Server provisioning, inventory management, patching, and compliance operations.

BPA Process

In order to initiate process automation, it’s important to analyse, develop, and execute solutions that get results. When done right, BPA can make key business processes more efficient while also improving record keeping, compliance, and customer satisfaction.


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